Count your blessings, not your problems.

It is up to you to find beauty in the ugliest day.

Will you follow me please? Follow back? 

I can’t just automatically follow you, but I will definitely check out your blog :) And please don’t ask me to follow back, its a little rude. Instead, ask me to check out your blog!

Will you check out my blog?

Yes yes yes yes yes! Please ask me this! :) I do not check out every new followers blog when they follow me but if you ask me to check out your blog I will always do it. I might not always reply though! But please don’t take this as I’m going to follow you because I cant follow everyone :(

Will you vote for me?

Yes of course! :) I would love to vote for you. Message me in fanmail with the link and I will absolutely do it right away! I wont tell my followers when its from fanmail though. I usually just publish the message with a link if you send me a non-fanmail message :) But please don’t ask me to vote for you when I’m also in the poll. Honestly I think it’s kinda rude…

Will you promote me? Promo for promo? Im close to my goal, help?

I just get this question so much and people don’t even ask nicely and I just feel like I get used for followers. I will not promote you without you promoting me also :) If you message me nicely and explain why you want me to promote you then maybe! Just message me your amount of followers also so it benefits us both :)

Who made my absolutely amazing incredible wonderful banner?

This girl. She is incredibly sweet and I recommend checking her blog out:) 

What makes me smile:

  • Random messages :)
  • When I see that you reblog a ton of my pictures. It’s an honor to know that you like my blog enough to want it on yours.
  • New followers! :)

My old URLs were:

  1. sun-smiless
  2. bohemian-treasure

MESSAGE ME AND MAKE A FRIEND :) I will love you forever.

And have a very amazing day :)